Some of the engravings by Joseph Austin Benwell, particularly full-page illustrations, are in a 'montage' or composite' layout. These often had decorative borders, some of which are reminiscent of the 'Arts and Crafts' movement in style. The subject matter of these engravings was often facutual, showing, for example, methods of cultivation of exotic plants or vignettes of life-styles in foreign countries. Some examples are shown below.

Indigo Cultivation in Lower Bengal
'Indigo Cultivation in Lower Bengal' Leisure Hour 1861


Methods of Conveying Cotton in India to the Ports of Shipment

 'Methods of Conveying Cotton in India to the Ports of Shipment' Illustrated London News 1861

Cultivation of Cotton and its preparation for the Market
'Cultivation of Cotton and its preparation for the Market' Leisure Hour 1861 


The Pepper Plant (Piper Nigrum)
'The Pepper Plant (Piper Nigrum' Leisure Hour 1861


Life in China

'Outdoor Life in China' Leisure Hour 1858 

Life in China

 'Peripatetic Trades in China' Leisure Hour 1858 

Bamboo Benwell
'The Bamboo and its Uses' Leisure Hour 1860


Silk production Benwell

'Pictorial History of Silk Production'  Leisure Hour 1858

Nutmeg Benwell

 'Pictorial History of the Nutmeg'  Leisure Hour 1857

Glimpses of Delhi and its Interiors

 'Glimpses of Delhi and its Interiors' Leisure Hour 1858

Manners and customs of the Japanese, Benwell
'Manners and Customs of the Japanese' Leisure Hour 1859 (J BENWELL DEL lower right vertical)


Modes of travelling in India

'Modes of Travelling in India' Illustrated London News 1863 

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